Tuesday, February 19, 2008

BuzzShed - Get $1 per Referral (and $0.30 for watching a video)

I found an interesting little site today. It's called BuzzShed. You sign up for free, tell them some of your interests, and every once in a while, they send you a link to a short video. You watch it, and get paid $0.30. Once you reach $10, you can request a payout via PayPal. I'm not really sure how often they send out videos, though, so I don't know just how long it will take you to reach that $10 threshold.

There is another way to make some money with the site, though, and that is with referrals. You see, for every person that you get to sign up, you get $1. It's real easy to join, and they don't require any personal info like you address. Refer 10 people, and you've reached that $10 payout.

I'll let you know how BuzzShed works for me. In the meantime, sign up here.

Update (2/24/08): Looks like they made a small change to the referral system. You get $1 for the first 5 signups you refer, $.50 for the next 10, and then $0.25 after that. So you need to refer 15 people to reach the payout. Still a pretty good way to make a little money, though, if you can get some people to join.