Monday, October 1, 2007

Best Buys: Side by Side Service Comparisons

When I first stumbled onto Best Buys, I thought it was a cheap site trying to get clicks from users that meant to type in Looks like I was wrong. Most of the site is in a generic comparison shopping type format, but because I found a pretty neat little section too: Comparison Reviews.

They actually pick two competing services, such as Blockbuster and Netflicks, and compare the products head on. Their reviews could be a little more detailed, but the strengths and weaknesses are pointed out, and a winner is chosen. I have been contemplating purchasing a movie rental service, which would be great while I'm stuck at college, and found this comparison to be quite helpful.

Their list certianly isn't exhaustive, but it is a helpful start. I would like to find more of these types of comparisons online, as they seem to be pretty helpful in choosing what to buy.


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Marissa said...

Is Creamaid no longer up and running.