Friday, November 30, 2007


Bloggerwave is another site that will help you make money with your blog. You can sign your blog up and check out their opportunities, and then they pay you to post. They'll ask you to blog about a certain site, and maybe include some links, images, or videos. After they make sure that you've included all the necessary elements, they approve your blog, and you get paid!

Bloggerwave is great for bloggers, since we get paid to do what we do best: write. It's also great for the companies that want to be blogged about, since they get some exposure. The minimum pay for a single post is $1, but there is no upper limit. In fact, I made $10 with my first post!

If you want to try to make some money with your blog, then check out bloggerwave.


Dean Saliba said...

I've been part of Blogger Wave for a couple of months now and have not seen one single job posting.

Is it just me?

Anonymous said...

How do you know if you are paid the right amount for someone clicking on your ads from your blog? Is there a check and balance system? Please let me know....