Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Global Test Market - Get Paid to Take Surveys

Global Test Market is probably my favorite paid survey site, if only because I've received the most money from them. Most surveys pay about 50 points, which is $2.50. You can cash out when you earn 1000 points, or $50. A really cool thing that they do is give you 5 points ($0.25) even if you don't qualify to take a survey; most companies wouldn't give you anything. They also recently re-did their website, and it looks better and is much easier to navigate now.

I actually received my second check from them today, for $100, so I can confirm that they do indeed pay. You'll get your check about a month after you request it. All-in-all, I really like Global Test Market, and recommend it to you survey fans.


Mike said...

You may have fallen to their plans but I found them to be unresponsive, dis-respectful, and devious. They snag you in by post 10 points = $5, then when you ask them about it they say that is no where on the site and to refer to their help page. That information should have been posted at least right next to their claim, US Residents make $5 for 10 points. Notice it is not in quotes but that is the basic idea. Yes, you have to have 1000 points to cash out, but at 5-50 points per survey and most surveys saying they are closed or you do not qualify, that would take forever for their supposed $50 for 1000 points. I did not find out about their actual pricing until I told them they still have to pay for partial work, otherwise they can not use any information they have received. If any body has completed a few surveys and have not received payment, and have not been able to make it to the 1000 points due to Global Test Markets poor email survey notification contact me. theeprodigist(at) I feel I am not the only wronged by GTM's false advertising or false acquisition of personal information. They should pay you for what you have done, or not use the information. Another Aaron's Take.


chatatara said...

I have had no problems with GTM. I have received 3 cheques from them in UK sterling. Its about 25.00 for 1000 points. Just waiting on my next one now for 1855 points.

chatatara said...

Should have added had some problems with the points, but GTM have kept me informed

Anonymous said...

Well, here's my take on GTM : Most of the time you are invited for a survey, but often you end up as unqualified, so I often choose options in the survey that project myself as an active user of the product/topic the survey is about.

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